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4/6/2011 12:50 pm

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29 months at 29-31 years old.

4/6/2011 12:49 pm

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There's an even better one I saw the other day. Guy was in his 30's and went from like 315 to good shape.








4/2/2011 1:30 pm

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. said:these nerds are really angry, i mean pure unbridled hatred.



There seems to be a lot of pent-up anger and self-righteous morality over there. I bet you those fuckers are all Fred Phelps type fucks in real life. They look at porn all day, are obsessed with sex, but hate themselves for it.
4/1/2011 2:22 am

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gontlehens.would.yuo said:Doesn't that give you diabetes or fuck up your liver/kidneys?

I also read that it can fuck with your hormones and possibly contribute to baldness

It's fine. Those studies were bullshit, do some in depth reading on them. There's no known correlation between it and baldness, either. That being said, it's not going to magically do shit for you, either. Eating properly trumps creatine.

It works, to some extent. In the world of bullshit supplements, it's one everyone goes back to. There's research both for and against its efficacy. Essentially, if you eat plenty of red meat, it probably does little for you, but has more effect on vegetarians or fish/chicken only eaters.

You can take it or leave it and probably never notice much difference, though. Personally, I think it has a noted effect on heavy lifts.
4/1/2011 2:18 am

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gontlehens.would.yuo said:Like I said, I'm trying. As far as I can read and research I'm doing everything pretty much correctly.

I wish that other dot who was giving you the ab advice was around, I'd like his take on what I could try to add more muscle mass.

Well, I've got some muscle mass, I can tell you how to do that. If you want to gain muscle fast, you can throw the clean bulking shit out the window. Clean bulking works, yes, but it's not fast, and it's never going to be fast, unless you're on the magic shit.

If you want to gain muscle fast, then perhaps cut back at a later date, you've gotta start eating a solid amount of protein AND carbs. The popular method right now is milk, if you can handle quantities of it. Mark Rippetoe and some other trainers have exceptional success with it. We're talking a gallon a day here.

You will gain fat, but you will also gain muscle. Google "GOMAD" for more info on this.

You don't have to go that extreme, but it's one of the fastest ways. If slow bulking isn't working for you, at least start increasing your protein and carbs even more.
4/1/2011 2:04 am

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gontlehens.would.yuo said:Yeah, I'm trying. I want to be between 170 and 185 somewhere, I want to stay reasonably energetic.

Bulking up is hard, I eat well and drink protein shakes but it's taking me a long time. I don't have a lifting buddy either so i can't do overload with a spotter which sucks, that's the fastest way to gain that I know of.

I workout by myself most of the time. It's nice to have people to workout with for motivation, that's the key thing, but I do alright on my own. Really, the only thing it physically limits me on much is barbell bench, but I can always ask someone to spot.

Clean bulking can take some trial and error. Calculate shit like basal metabolic rate, increase/decrease calories, weigh yourself weekly, see if you're gaining or losing, or gaining too fast, etcetera.
4/1/2011 1:56 am

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gontlehens.would.yuo said:I'm pretty sure I could get to 155, but I don't have any intention of doing it unless it just happens.

The lighting is not doing me any favors, shitty cam too etc

I've got moderate muscle, but I'm still pretty lean. That picture doesn't show my shoulders/arms/chest at all really. I can bench 200, bicep curl 155... I did think I'd be bigger at this stage though.

I guess my point is that a lot of people can lose a lot more weight than they think they need to.

I'm no expert here, but I'd try to clean bulk up 20 pounds. You'd fill out a lot more.
4/1/2011 1:46 am

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gontlehens.would.yuo said:I'm 6' and 159 according to the scale this morning

I thought I was doing ok at 170, brought my run up to 6.6 KM and made an effort to eat a lot more fresh fruit and veg in my diet and I've lost 10 lbs of fat I didn't think I had. I do free weights 3 times a week, run 3-4 and do some bodyweight exercises once or twice a week. Never for very long. I've been trying to add more muscle mass but it's hard to do, even though I still eat quite a lot.


couldn't get the fucking embed to work

At 6'0 and 159, you should look a helluva lot more ripped than that. You're severely lacking muscle. There's a term "skinny fat." It's what I was in highschool. 5'11, 155 pounds, no muscle. I ran all the time, too, and played tennis and racquetball several times a week.
4/1/2011 1:13 am

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Oh hey, and you fuckers...

URBAN DICTIONARY, who is an authority (of course,) says that MANLETS are 5'7 and under.


The genuises at bodybuilding.com say manlets are also 5'7 and shorter.


A very scientific poll says 5'8 and lower:


Yet another thread, the consensus is 5'8 and lower:


5'11" makes you slightly taller than the average American.





4/1/2011 1:06 am

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. said:Usually I'm not in such a giving mood, but also start reading through this series. You've also got some lordosis & kyphosis. Rounded & elevated shoulders, tight hip flexors, etc. Extremely common for guys who train heavy powerlifting style.

If you drop the weight and are willing to really change emphasis in your weight training, you'll look like a completely different guy in 6 months.


I'll look into that, thanks.

So, I went to the gym tonight (I usually take off Thursdays, but I wanted to try this new ab shit.)

The roller thing: Yeah, that's pretty boss to be able to do the standing up thing. Obviously, I tried it kneeling. I'm quite sure my form wasn't good, because I wasn't feeling an absolute burn in my abs. I seemed to be using a lot of bicep, especially the further I went out. I also felt a lot of lower back tension. I tried kind of like...thrusting my hips into the floor, which seemed to alleviate the lower back pressure, but put more stress on the arms. I'm sure it was all fucked up.

I need to do some reading on the technique of this and see how I'm supposed to be tensing things, positioning, etcetera. Aside from doing about 50 or 60 of those (incorrect as they probably were,) I also did crunch machine, leg raises, and cable crunches. I think I'll start doing some old fashioned situps and crunches in the morning. I might actually be a little sore tomorrow.
3/31/2011 10:24 pm

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. said:Start by doing them from your knees. Most people need to be able to do 25+ from the knees before they can do a single one from the standing position. If your gym has a long incline board, that's your way to work in an intermediate transition.

They've got 7 or 8 different ab implements. Roman chair, incline bench looking thing with the feet holders (probably what you were talking about,) the thing where you hang from your arms and put your legs up, a couple of different crunch machines. I can't even quite explain what some of them are, as I never use them. I think a couple of are probably for hamstring raises or glute workouts.
3/31/2011 10:12 pm

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. said:You're right. And it's not growth per se, at least not growth you'll see, but strengthening.

Looking at your stomach, I seriously can tell you can't do one of these standing roll-outs with good form (forget the weighted vest). If you build up to doing 20 with good form, that's as far as you'll ever need to go. Rest is just bodyfat.

Yeah, I can tell those look hard just by looking at them. My gym actually has a couple of those rollers laying in the ab room. I've never once seen anyone using them.

I'll have to give them a go.
3/31/2011 10:11 pm

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madelf. said:god, what a waste of fucking time

probably do himself better curbing his appetite by quitting the gym, rather than get ravenous and gorge on 5 baconators

I told the guy to at least start cutting back on his carbs, while not eliminating them. I told him "If you don't think you have the willpower not to gorge yourself on everything in sight, then at least try to fill up with fats and protein instead of carbs."

Then, like a few days later, he tells me he's trying to eat healthier, and that he started to eat popcorn at night instead of chips. He then proceeds to tell me he puts an ENTIRE STICK OF BUTTER on the popcorn. I'm absolutely not making this up.
3/31/2011 10:04 pm

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. said:You probably already know this, but in terms of looking good to 99% of women, the single best thing you can do is drop weight. Every single gym is full of guys who also work out every day, but because they never watch their diet strictly enough, those extra 20 lbs are killer.

Cardio is great for health, but if we're strictly talking appearance, it's pretty much useless. Diet is 10x more important. The amount of extra calories you burn is almost certainly offset by eating just a little bit more from extra hunger you will always get from increased activity.

Oh, yeah, I understand. I realized that a long time ago. I was as high as 215 pounds at one point with considerably less muscle.

Several people at the gym have some up to me and asked how I've lost weight. Some of these guys weigh like 260 pounds, and work out like four hours a day. This one guy I talk to all the time does this. He'll go in, do an hour of cardio, lift for two hours, then do another hour of cardio, and his weight fluctuates between 240 and 260 all the time.

He tells ms things like "Man, I'm working my ass off here, and I keep gaining." I've told him numerous times the old saying "You can't out train a bad diet." The dude finally understands this, but he's just powerless to do anything about it. He simply doesn't have the willpower.

Myself, I've actually been pretty damn pinpoint strict with my diet in the past 6 to 8 weeks, on top of killing it in cardio.
3/31/2011 9:56 pm

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. said:When an old madelf or similar dingbat says you look "too muscular", they don't even know what they're looking at. Because she's also drooling over Jackman, who has more muscle than you.

Right now you're kind of fat around the stomach. Not terrible, but you've got that barrel shape and you probably store all your fat around the midsection. Visceral fat around your internal organs is what contributes to that look. It's like when you see old guys with a big beer belly but no rolls of fat. The fat is beneath the muscle.

So it'll make a big difference if you drop 15 pounds or whatever. And work those transverse abs. Right now I bet you can suck in your gut and reduce your waist measurement by at least 2". If your transverse abs/obliques are strong enough, they'd be pulling in that 2" all the time when you're walking around with no perceived effort on your part.

Hmm. I'd be surprised if Hugh Jackman actually had more muscle than me, but he's certainly leaner than me. Just by looking at him, I'm pretty sure I could best him on the big three lifts. Then again, what the fuck does that matter? I don't compete, so I may as well just aim for looks. He's 6'2, lean, and probably does a lot of moderate rep hypertrophy lifting, at least in that one picture.

But, point taken on the weight and the abs. I never intended to stay at this weight. It's always been my goal to get back down into the 170's.

I will post more pictures in the future after I lose some pounds. The good thing is, at least, I should have a lot of potential for ab growth even on a cutting diet, as a sort of "newbie gains" thing since I haven't targeted them.
3/31/2011 9:51 pm

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madelf. said:dunno, he is very proportionate and symmetry is very pleasing to the eye. he is tall so he can carry the bulk and still appear somewhat lean

personally i like a man who looks strong and healthy, not someone chasing abs at the gym all the time. the effortless look.

for someone your height, leaning out your look will make you look more proportionate and pleasing, imo. losing some weight, toning down the weights for some aerobics, may also help you get that washboard.

Thanks for the info.

I actually do quite a bit of cardio, probably to the detriment of my muscle gain, technically speaking, but I've always viewed it as being needed for overall health and fat loss. I go to the gym either 5 or 6 days a week. That ALWAYS includes at least 45 minutes of cardio, up to two hours on some days. I kill it on cardio, too. I'm drenched by the time I get out. The two hour thing is a recent development, since I'm trying to get my weight down.

I go in, warm up, lift, and, depending on who is at the gym, sometimes I stop lifting weights and talk to people while on the the treadmill for up to an hour, go back to lifting weights, and when I'm done again, I go back and do another 30 or 40 minutes to wrap things up. If I've already done an hour, I usually take it pretty easy on the second go around.
3/31/2011 9:41 pm

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. said:Eh, I'm the guy ripping on you for being a fat manlet & posting these pix but I'll help you out. I know what look you're going for.

Bear in mind the morons telling you "just squat and deadlift" are the same guys who look like they're pregnant and utter shit in street clothes.

You have to make abs a priority. Not rectus abdominus, but the transverse abs and obliques. Those are what will give you a flat stomach as long as your bodyfat is reasonable.

Start here and you'll figure out the rest:


Pfft, I don't mind the insults and trolling, I expect it. This is F2, not happyland AOL forum. I've been here for 10 years, I know what to expect.

I'll check out the link, thanks. I was just starting to do some reading on abs yesterday, matter of fact.
3/31/2011 9:39 pm

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madelf. said:yes, i do

Surprising, really. I had always thought most chicks were looking for that sort of thing. Do you think most women have this view?
3/31/2011 9:34 pm

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. said:http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/ms-fit5a.jpg

This guy has a clearly visible six pack and probably 4-5% bodyfat. But his stomach looks like shit. And in clothes he'd look like Spanky.

And this guy's svelte compared to powerlifters.

Yeah, that guy's abs look horrible. I've seen other dudes like him. I've never wanted to look like a bodybuilder, ever. Especially the professional ones. That super-vascular steroid mutant look is not for me, not even counting the drug abuse.

Some of the amateur, non-roid using bodybuilders have a good, natural looking form, especially in the offseason. Even some of them look ridiculous when super cut, though.
3/31/2011 9:29 pm

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. said:Actual 6 pack - rectus abdominus - is way overrated compared to having very strong transverse abs, which are what keep your stomach flat.

You have a distended stomach in your pic. Some of that is visceral fat and some is weak/distended transverse abs.

I've done virtually no direct ab work. It's actually something I've been gearing up to start doing, now that I'm nearing into my goal weight. For the longest time, I was told by many people that doing heavy deadlifts and squats would take care of them. To some extent, that's true, but I wish I'd started doing direct training on them earlier, when I was bulking.

I'm not even up to date with what the most well regarded ab exercises are these days.
3/31/2011 9:23 pm

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. said:A lot of weight??? :lol: He is already at an atheletic body fat level. People need to lose that BMI mentality. The BMI is a complete and utter hoax.

She's right, though, technically, to the end that we're talking about.

To get ripped abs at my current weight, I'd have to be packing another 20 or 30 pounds of muscle. I'd look like a full fledged bodybuilder to get abs at my current weight.

But, yeah, BMI is bullshit. I'm solidly overweight on the BMI scale.


5'11, 194 pounds = 27.1 BMI.

# Overweight = 2529.9
# Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

I'm less than 3 points from being "obese."

3/31/2011 9:20 pm

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madelf. said:you'll need to lose a lot of weight to get that washboard, which i think looks horrible, personally. if i were a guy, i'd aim for the hugh jackman look.

you got hammer fingers!

If you think my fingers are bad, you should see my toes. They...just aren't good. I'm one of these people who has a big toe that sticks out longer than the other toes.

You really think the Hugh Jackman look in that picture is better than, say, Jason Statham type abs?

3/31/2011 9:11 pm

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. said:Sorry, 5'11" isn't a "manlet". That's a straight-up manlet. No cute little quotation marks. :lol:


Oh well.
3/31/2011 8:59 pm

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. said:Can tell from your proportions you're a manlet. :lol:

I'm 5'11. If that's a "manlet," so be it. I wouldn't mind being 6'2 or so, but I'm working with what I've got.
3/31/2011 8:55 pm

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madelf. said:like this?

Your picture didn't show up, but I copied and pasted it into a new window and looked at it. Actually, I'd hope to be a little more ripped than he is. My goal is to really get some separation going. Not that the average person would complain about looking like Hugh Jackman.

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